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the wonderfull world of eva joy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the wonderfull world of eva joy

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clara moments [Feb. 19th, 2008|05:16 pm]
the wonderfull world of eva joy
 and of course this is how I, aged 9, broke some important news to Clara... :P

Clara: "do you fancy anyone?!"
Me: "yeah..."
"ooh, who?!"
"err... i don't really wanna say."
"oh come on!"
"no, it doesn't matter..."
"oh pleeease, you can tell me! it's not like its my BROTHER or anything!"
"well, actually..."

hahaha! xxx

another funny moment was when, in Yr 8 or 9, Clara used an open locker as a foothole to climb ON TOP of the lockers..and then we closed her foothole so she couldn't get down!! Twas HILARIOUS!
I have the picturee.. i'll put it up here in a bit (Y)

that happened back when I had a collage of Ryan Gosling pics stuck up in my locker =P

ooh and talking of memories with Clara, I remember we always used to watch Titanic together..and go round the playground at the Prep SINGING the theme song!! ooh we were too cool.

And of course we went through our phases of skipping games, cops n robbers, sticker collecting, chasing LIBBY COX round the playground [LOL], and writing in my lil notebook. And for a while I was a loner and used to WALK ROUND THE PLAYGROUND READING.
And the woman on duty used to smile at me pathetically. She's actually that blonde one who's like a lunch attendant person at King's now!! 

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sup dudes [Feb. 6th, 2008|06:21 pm]
the wonderfull world of eva joy

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*cirnge* i cant believe i just said that....

but anyway...

this comm is now up and running so post away...
and advertise to get new members....

please no drama
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